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Chautauqua on a Rooftop

A few days ago, some students were sitting in a room discussing the briefings we had received earlier. When we saw that a few hours had passed to witness us still debating the principles of human rights, we realized it would be extremely interesting to record these discussions and show others the complexities and intricacies of the topics we study in ways that a simple blog post could not. We felt that a discussion allows for the development and exploration of ideas and the struggle between perspectives that a lone text is unable to convey.

This idea sparked a fire in us, and after a few iterations we have produced a pilot for such a discussion series. We hope to continue this series on a very regular basis, and to cover a myriad of different topics as we find them provoking and engaging. On behalf of the participants of this episode of Chautauqua on a Rooftop, I hope you enjoy the musings of a few students who are a bit too interested in how the world works.


It’s all Greek to me


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  1. Jarrod Hayes

    This is just tremendous Daniel. You and the other participants are taking the study abroad to the next level! I am excited to listen to what you have to say. What you all are doing here is a great example of why we say we have the best students in the world!

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