Prior to our departure to France, we were each assigned an European Union member state. We were to prepare a 10 minutes & 10 slides PowerPoint summarizing the background, history, and current position of our states. Today, we finally had our chances to deliver our presentations to other classmates.

The order of the presentation followed the date of accession. From the first enlargement in 1973 by Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to the most recent accession in 2013 by Croatia, our presentations represented total of 18 distinct member states. Presentation on the six founding nations (France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) was given by Dr. Birchfield in her past lecture.

Below are some highlights of each EU member state presentation, categorized by the year of accession.

First Enlargement (1973)

Following the Treaties of Rome
Emphasis on customs union, single market and agriculture

Second Enlargement (1981)

Green Light from all countries

Third Enlargement (1986)

European Economic Community Renamed as European Community
Groundwork for European Monetary System begins

Fourth Enlargement (1995)

Maastricht treaty established three pillars of EU
Term “European Union” created

Fifth Enlargement (2004)

Big Bang Enlargement
Amsterdam treaty Gave legal power to Schengen Accord

Sixth Enlargement (2007)

EU institutions more power in asylum and immigration policies
After rejection of constitutional treaty by france and the Netherlands

Seventh Enlargement (2013)

After ratification of Treaty of Lisbon
European Union as legal entity