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Author: Cora Olson

Brussels — Goodbye for Now

It’s Thursday, and we’re back in Brussels! It was nice coming back to some familiarity—it felt a little bit like coming home. Of course, this doesn’t distract from the fact that I am extremely excited to go home home! The conversations at dinner are slowly turning into excited discussions about what each of us plan on doing once we return. Some of us plan on getting Zaxby’s during the drive home, while others plan on getting their family to bring them their favorite chicken meal straight to their airport pick up. Some are more desperate for fried chicken than others, I suppose. I’m afraid I’ll go into a sugar shock after having a sweet tea, or maybe burst into tears of gratitude when given a free refill. #reversecultureshock

Since we’re going back soon, I thought it would be appropriate to list a few of the European things we’re going to greatly miss while we’re in the USA:

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Our trip to Giant’s Causeway

After a few days of several phenomenal site visits and learning, our class had the pleasure of going on a day trip to Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. We stopped at a few places along the way, which I’ll describe in more detail with pictures included. Warning: a very picture-heavy post, and extremely, extremely beautiful.

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